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Port de Sóller

Probably our favourite place on the island: this small fisher village surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains is a beauty on its own.

Along the promenade you can have a stroll and enjoy the views that this protected bay has to offer. Cosy cafes with the best view to the sea, nice little shops and enough beach area to find a comfy spot where you can spend the whole day.

The most popular attraction is the tram which follows the seacoast and gives this very special feeling.

Tipps and Facts:

  • Looking for a good coffee? We highly recommend the cafe from Pedro "Reynés Cycling Café/ Bikes&Bakes"! At first sight it seems like a souvenir and bike rental shop, but trust us, he has the best pastry in town! His family owns a traditional mallorquin bakery, all handmade. And you can taste that with every bite! And the coffee is just like heaven.

  • Take a walk up to the lighthouse, the view will be worth it! Especially in the evening you have the most incredible light and best scenery of the bay. Do it like us and take a nice drink with you while watching the sun going down. You can also go there by car if you are not motivated enough for walking ;-)

  • Minibar” has the same best cocktails in town! Visit their rooftop terrace and enjoy the best view for the sunset!


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