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Exclusive VIP Yacht Charters Mallorca

Welcome to the premier destination for luxury yacht charters in Mallorca. Our VIP yacht charter service provides exclusive access to premium selection of yachts, catering for high-end clientele and agencies.Our offers are an experience for those looking to get their part of Yachting luxurious.

Clients have the opportunity to embark on voyages along Mallorca's breathtaking coastline, From intimate getaways to extravagant celebrations, each charter will exceed expectations, ensuring a memorable journey for all aboard.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the vessels, Top customer service and attention to detail.

If you lookf for a romantic setting, corporate event, or family gathering, our team is dedicated to organising a seamless and unforgettable experience, where every moment has a note of elegance, refinement, and luxury.

Experience VIP yacht charter excellence in Mallorca with Sail Trip Mallorca.

Exclusive Motoryachts in Mallorca

Starting at € 5000,00 Day  | Luxury | Corporate events | Exclusive

Exclusive Sailyachts & Catamarans

Starting at € 3000,00 Day | Up to 12 Guests | VIP | Sailing

Unique Yachts in Mallorca

Starting at € 7000,00 Day | Speed | Celebrity | Class

OUR SERVICES in Mallorca

VIP Transfers  | Information | 365 Support | Communication

Is your agency organising unique and High-end Charters for your customer then please contact us for more info.

We also book VIP charters in Mallorca direct for our customers at the smallest detail. Our customer base are moviestars spending the week off with their family as world famous Pro-Athletes taking time off. Celebrity's, singers or politicians have all found their way to our services.

We understand your need and will take care of all organisation so you can relax and enjoy the VIP treatment.


YACHTS | Variety of options from Superyachts, Motor and Sail Daycharters or weekcharters

FOOD & BEVERAGE | Arrangements on board or zodiac drop off at famous beachclubs or star restaurants.

TRANSFER | Our transfers are professionals and punctual so you are always in time and in style.

COMMUNICATION | Whatever request or changement in your plans we are there for support.

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