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Sailing boat trip around Palma de Mallorca starting from the harbour

Set sail from the Capital, Palma De Mallorca.


Your cruise!

Let yourself be tempted by the adventure of a crossing from the capital around the shores of Palma de Majorca on a sailboat to discover the island of beauty like never before! Swimming, relaxing, breathtaking scenery and a day of sailing will be on the agenda of your stay.

Your possible stops during this cruise

Your professional skipper will suggest several possible routes to discover the charms of Mallorca. The objective of your crew will be to lead you to the most beautiful corners of the island and the coasts of the South of Spain. From Palma to the shores of Potrtals Vells, you will follow an itinerary designed according to your wishes.

After your installation on board the sailboat, you will leave Palma to start your first navigation. You will be able to observe landscapes where nature is beautiful along coasts of the South of Spain. You will sail a daytrip with the objective of reaching a lovely anchorage. Sailing under the sun and with a drink in hand on the deck to arrive in 1 hour. The crossing is a special moment for those who have never enjoyed this experience: leaving the coast and sailing off surrounded by the horizon, watching dolphins following the boat, drinking an aperitif on the deck, taking the helm with the feeling of being alone in the world ...

Leaving the port of Palma, you will be able to observe landscapes where nature is king, then you will start your day of navigation with the objective of reaching your anchorage.

During the crossing that will allow you to reach your destination from the harbour as well as the return route, you will be able to appreciate the calm and the exhilaration of the sea in a boat during about 2-4 hours of navigation depending on your reservation.

Between navigation and an anchorage, you will let yourself be charmed by the wildest places of Mallorca to navigate back to the bay of Palma by going along the coast. You will spend your last hour on the boat in Palma already dreaming about your next trip. This will be the ideal moment to enjoy the views on the Cathedral of the city while slowly sailing back into Port.

The program proposed by your crew is defined by the weather as well as by your desires. Your skipper knows the navigation areas inside out. He will be able to make you discover unique places and exceptional anchorages, little frequented even during the tourist seasons.

Your skippers!

In Mallorca all commercial vessels are inspected every 2 years and the captain's need to prove their certification and physical fitness. All our boats are certified for Charters specifically for the Balearic Islands.

Depending of the flagstate of the boat a captain might have Spanish Licensing or often UK (RYA) or worldwide accepted STCW licensing.

Do not worry, our skippers know these waters very well and well tell you all the details whilst on the trip.

How to get there ?

From the city center of Palma De Mallorcda, you can walk on foot or take a taxi to your starting point, we will inform you all the details in advance so you can check what works for you.

How to get in contact?

On our Contact page you can share your details and we answer within 1-12 hours. We ALWAYS answer! (check your spam as well)


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