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Our Menu

What would be a day out without a culinary experience on a sail boat?

Our charters and trips are known for the best in their class food and service.

Made with love and inspired from the Spanish & Mediteranean cuisine.

 We adapt to your wishes in case of allergies or if you are vegetarian / vegan.

Shown below is the 'standard' catering offered.

This might vary due to availability of products and depending on the charter option you book.

Coffee break

Cake with fresh fruits

Coffee - Cappuccino - Cortado - Espresso

Dessert Sail trip Mallorca Boat rent excursion.jpg


Salad  - Bread with Dip - Variation of tapas

Examples: Gambas al ajillo - Tortilla - Chorizo al vino - Jamón Ibérico -

Pimientos de Padrón - Empanadas - Chickenwings -

Champignon al Jerez -  Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs)

Tapas luch day trip Sail boat Peguera Mallorca.jpeg


Strawberry  or chocolat Tiramisu

Dessert Sail trip Mallorca Boat rent excursion.jpg

(Sunset trip)

Traditional mallorquin Appetizers

Pinchos sunset mallorca boat trip.jpg


Mallorcan red/white wine - beer - Cava - soft drinks - still water

cava boat trip party mallorca celebration.jpg
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