Our menu

What would be a day out without a culinary experience on a sail boat?

Our charters and trips are known for the best in their class food and service.

Made with love and inspired from the Spanish & Mediteranean cuisine.

 We adapt to your wishes in case of allergies or if you are vegetarian / vegan.

Tapas Lunch

Shown below is the 'standard' catering offered.

This might varie due to availability of products and depending on the charter option you book.

Coffee break (Trip > 4 hrs)

Cake with fresh fruits - Coffee - Cappuccino - Cortado - Espresso


Salad - Variation of tapas - Bread with Dip- Gambas al ajillo - Tortilla - Chorizo al vino - Jamón Ibérico - Pimientos de Padrón - Empanadas - Chickenwings - Champignon al Jerez -

Albondigas (Spanish Meatballs)

Dessert (Daytrip)

Strawberry  Tiramisu


Mallorcan red/white wine - beer - soft drinks - still water